When we constantly demand perfection (of ourselves and others), we lose the ability to do a better job.  Perfectionism is rife in business, but its a sickness – not a badge of honour.  Published first on Culture University – here is an article on Perfectionist behaviours by Louisa Robb.


Culture Diagnosis by Pulse or MRI… ?  Constructive Culture Blog Article about why the use of more quantitative tools to evaluate what is driving the company’s outcomes leads to better understanding and actionability around culture change and ultimately engagement (by Louisa Robb).


Another Constructive Culture Blog post by Louisa Robb around leadership behaviours and interactions, and how they impact the outcome of our work. 


Corporate culture – what is it?  LinkedIn Blog post by Louisa Robb:


The tragic death of Martin Senn, former CEO of Zurich Insurance – what role does the company culture play in the health of our leaders? LinkedIn Blog post by Louisa Robb:


Constructive leadership… a myth no longer!  LinkedIn Blog post by Louisa Robb:


What is culture – and how can it be meaningfully measured? An excellent review of the power of the culture measurement tools from Human Synergistics can be found here, presented by the Australia & NZ CEO –


Research has proven that quality Executive Coaching pays for itself many times over.  In one study, executive coaching at Booz Allen Hamilton returned $7.90 for every $1 the firm spent on coaching.  MetrixGlobal LLC – see:


Neuroscientists looking at reasons for differences in gender, and those that would popularise their work in catchy pop-literature are themselves put under the microscope by Cordelia Fine – a cognitive neuroscientist who debunks the research and spurious ‘findings’ in an acerbic and intellectual yet approachable book “Delusions of Gender”.


The Times They Are a-Changin’ … so said Bob Dylan – and with change being the one true constant, a company’s strategy must be able to take advantage of the flux in the environment in which it operates.  Knowing what that flux is – truly understanding the competitive setting – is a sure fire way to put your company above its peers.